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Club News

Two bright young lights have been selected to head the ticket as the Republican Party's candidates for Township Committee. Olga Ferreira, a local realtor, and Charles S. Minton, a business owner and active member of the Union Chamber of Commerce, will challenge the Democrats in the November election. The two replace incumbent Republican committeemen Greg Muller and John Paragano, both of whom declined to run for re-election, on the GOP ticket.

The Republican Municipal Committee successfully reorganized at its bi-annual meeting June 8. Chairman Tony DiGiovanni and Vice Chairwoman Louise Schreihofer were each given unanimous consent to be returned for another two-year term. In addition, Virginia Lloyd was named the committee's secretary, Richard McMillan was named treasurer, and Paul McPherson was named sergeant-at-arms, each also for two-year terms.

The last Republican Club before the summer was held Monday, June 22 at the Boys and Girls Club. The club will not meet again until the fall.

If you or a neighbor is having a barbeque this summer, be sure to invite our candidates! Charlie and Olga want to get out to every neighborhood to meet members of the community and get their input on what they'd like to see in our municipal government.